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The Journey

To become part of The Business Advisor Academy is to embark on a journey of personal growth and professional development.

Unlike a traditional business course, you will apply principles and methods to grow your own professional practice from day one.

The Leveraged Advisor™ program is the starting point where you will learn the principles and methodologies underpinning everything we do. It is where you create the foundation to a business advisory practice and start your journey to working less, earning more and living the life you want.

Think of Leveraged Advisor™ as your first step in leveraging your expertise to build your future. The 3 keys areas covered are:

Business Model

Fundamental to The Academy’s mantra “Work less, Earn More and Live The Life You Want”, is understanding the right business model to enable this to happen.

Many professionals start a business and end up stuck in the weeds doing the work for their clients and creating what we call a Monster Business. Too many clients, too little money, bloated staff, complex systems and not enough take-home pay for the owner/partners.

At the Business Advisor Academy, we advocate the Freedom Model.

Where your years of studying, hard work, and dedication get turned into a practice based on your passions, expertise, and insights creating value for your clients. You will discover how to create an advisory practice with low set-up fees, how to run it using a small team, and have time to think and act strategically. Complexity will become simplicity. The aim: For you to get your life back.

Your Market/Message

Who will value your expertise and pay you handsomely for your advice and support? You will be delighted to discover that you do not need hundreds of clients to give you the life you want. There are people out there who need your help and are willing to pay for it.

The Academy will give you the formula to position yourself as someone who is VITAL to a business owner, and enable you to charge your value and earn more.

You will learn how to create a message that clearly articulates how you transform your clients’ lives, therefore moving you from a commodity to an investment.

Your Offer

You have so much experience but people are not valuing it.

Your success as a Business Advisor depends on your ability to leverage your ideas and package them up in an irresistible way. Knowing how to recognise the most valuable, applicable and marketable knowledge you have, and building an productized offer and content around it is the key to differentiation and attracting high-value clients.

You’ll learn the proven techniques for creating intellectual property that can be adapted into different formats and customised for different audiences.

If you are an expert CPA, accountant, bookkeeper or financial coach and are working too hard, for too little money and don’t know how to change your situation, then it’s time to request your free action plan to get your freedom back. Click the button below to schedule your Breakthrough Call today.

You will work less, earn more

and live that life you want